Mission Statement - Ian Adrian Nature Photography

Nature has been an important part of my life as far back as I can remember. I spent most of my childhood traipsing through the woods, flipping logs and rocks in search of what most folks refer to as “creepy-crawlies.” When I wasn’t outside, I was often sitting on the living room floor, idly paging through Audobon field guides, and attempting to read descriptions far above my reading level.

This interest continued through adulthood, eventually inspiring me to try my hand at reptile breeding. After several years of doing this, I eventually began to feel guilty about playing god, longing simply to see these beautiful creatures in their natural environments. During the coarse of working with such interesting animals, and spurred on by a few out-of-state camping trips, I became increasingly interested in photographing the things that I saw.

The photography began as just a means of documenting wildlife that I came across, but eventually evolved into an art. As I traveled to more places, and saw more of the beautiful planet that we call Earth, this art quickly developed into an obsession. I have now made it my goal to provide one of the most varied nature-photography portfolios you will encounter, striving every day to take sharper, more interesting pictures of the natural world.

In my efforts to do so, however, I adhere to an important set of photography ethics. I am very careful to minimize the stress that my photography puts on all subjects, by practicing extreme care to not damage/disturb habitats, being very frugal in the use of flash and (although you may notice several owls that were photographed using it), entirely abandoning it's use for photographing birds.  I avoid the use of bait for attracting any wildlife, and practice extreme care to not harm my smaller photography subjects (reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates) on the rare occasion that I need to move one a short distance, for a more favorable shot. My hope is to help others increase their appreciation for the natural world, and photography is a great medium through which to achieve that dream. Who says work and passion can't be the same thing?